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fiercelightpostcard_9Babies and young children know deep in their bodies, and therefore deep in their hearts, that they are loved when they feel our love in its physical expression. How and how often we touch, hold, carry, sing and speak with our children is vital to their well-being. “Spirit in action” defines mothering and the Feminine force.  She is the movement of life that brought us into the world, sustains us and enables us to penetrate  the world. She is not separate from us but is in us, as us.  She is utterly tangible. She is our power. 

‘Fierce Light’ is an exploration of our individual and collective power. I saw a rough-cut of the film last spring. In “these times of turmoil and transformation”, as Velcrow Ripper describes them, he has made a film which celebrates the instinct we all have to put love into action. His subjects have merged fearlessly with their desire. They embody the Mother force.

 “Fierce Light’ will be screened at this year’s Hot Doc’s Festival running from April 30th to May 10th in Toronto. Van Jones, who has just been named an advisor to the White House on green initiatives, says in the film that we have the opportunity now to “midwife” the birth of a new wisdom essential for our survival. Birth imagery in Washington?! His words signal an embrace of the Feminine, a recognition of the power of life. It must come.